Mr Sinus Theater 3000

Like so many great ideas, Mr. Sinus Theater was born in the mind of Alamo Drafthouse owner Tim League. When Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans asked him to screen old television episodes, movies, porn videos he knew he could do better than that. Brainstorming with Karrie, his wife and partner, League conceived of the live show, not only to please MST 3000 fans but also to give the late-night hecklers at the Alamo a place to unload. “It would be the time when people who couldn’t shut up during a movie could go ahead and join in,” League writes by e-mail. “The Sinus guys are so fast and furious with the commentary, however, that there really isn’t much of that going on.”

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President of Best Brains, said the comedy featured in “Mr. Sinus” is more adult-oriented, which he says goes against the spirit of MST3K. Porn Videos